Agpro was incorporated in 1962 in Santa Rosa, California. The company specialized in the furnishing of commercial animal raising facilities including dairies, beef feedlots, and swine operations. By 1970, the work had spread over most of the agricultural areas of the United States. In 1971 the company moved their headquarters from California to Paris , Texas for a more centralized location. The company is now a Texas corporation with head offices and production facilities located in Paris, Texas. In addition to the domestic work, the company now has many overseas projects operating and has furnished functional facilities in climates as diverse as the Arabian desert to the Alaskan tundra. In recent years, the portion of work related to agricultural waste management has taken on more importance due to increasing federal and state regulations related to agricultural pollution control. The “Agpro Waste Management System” encompasses the entire solution from cleaning the floors, to collection, processing and final utilization of the waste by-products. Several waste management concepts developed by the company have been adopted by industry and accepted by the regulatory agencies as an efficient way to clean, store, process and utilize large volumes of animal waste.


Agpro, Inc has been a leader in waste management since 1963 and remains dedicated to making the job of the producer as labor and cost efficient as possible. Our employees are a key part of that process.

Donald GribblePresident
A  Registered Professional Engineer. During high school and college, Donald worked in the Agpro dairy equipment production and engineering departments. Since then, he has worked as a Mechanical Engineer at General Dynamics and as an Electrical Engineer at Pacific Northwest Laboratories, where he gained experience in managing large technical projects, research and design.   Donald has designed numerous dairy facilities from preliminary to detailed design. His projects range in size from several hundred to several thousand cows, and for various locations from California to Canada. He has supervised the construction of several large dairy facilities in the mid-west. Areas of expertise include design, working with state and local regulatory agencies, hiring and supervising major contractors, automation systems and equipment issues.   You can reach Donald at Extension 13.
David MillerWaste Management & Construction Supervisor
With the ability to relate to the customer no matter the country, David is able to communicate to the customer Agpro, Inc’s ability to meet the customer’s individual needs. He provides custom solutions based on the information he obtains from the customer. From the highly detailed professionally engineered blueprints or the hand sketched drawings he receives, he works with each customer individually and maintains a daily working relationship throughout the project. 12 to speak to David.
Larry CoxOperations Manager
With a keen sense of organization and attention to daily operations details, Larry has consistently provided cost effective and quality oriented solutions to the fabrication of Agpro, Inc. equipment. Most of the fabrication Agpro, Inc. provides to their customers is custom in nature and periodically provides challenges. When a challenge arises to provide a customer with just the right solutions, Larry is part of the solution.
Walterio OlivasEngineer / Quality Control
From his leadership skills to his vast technology repertoire, Walterio takes on many roles and responsibilities in the day to day operations of designing, fabrication and production of Agpro, Inc.’s products. He adapts quickly to new situations. Each customer is important to him. He provides excellent attention to detail and can quickly provide Agpro, Inc.’s customers with personalized solutions to complex problems.
Jerry YoungProduction Supervisor
The diverse customized product specifications and demand for Agpro, Inc.’s products challenge Jerry on a daily basis. He aptly adapts and meets each challenge. Whether training new production employees individually or as a group, he is able to communicate and produce results which help insure the quality as well as the quantity of Agpro, Inc.’s products.