Cool the cows, protect the feed!

Agpro has the most advanced cow cooling options from innovative fans to optimized cow soaking. Agpro’s systems are designed to keep water on the cows and off the feed.

Agpro Advantages

  • Increased Milk Production
  • Increased reproduction rates
  • Decreased feed wastage
  • Optimal water consumption

Smart temperature and humidity sensors optimize soak and dry times to minimize water wastage. Controllers and sensors designed and made in house, and specific to the dairy industry. Advanced algorithms can be customized for maximum cow comfort or minimal water consumption and impact on waste system.

Agpro’s Expertise

  • cow comfort
  • pipe layout
  • nozzle selection
  • incorporating airflow into the soaking system design
  • waste system and storage integration

Whether your barns are natural vent, cross vent, or tunnel, Agpro has validated solutions to keep the water on the cows where it belongs. Conserving water and keeping mist off of expensive feed are crucial to a successful soaking system.

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