Centirators by Agpro®

Reduce odor and improve quality of manure for fertilizer and Recycle Water

  • More Effective Flushing
  • Improve Separator Performance
  • Better Herd Health
  • Fewer Pathogens
  • Less Sludge Accumulation
  • Better Irrigation Water

For many swine and dairy operators, manure has become a valuable resource when used as a fertilizer in the fields. Turning that manure into fertilizer via liquid composting is a common practice in many operations. Without proper aera­tion and circulation, liquid composting practices produce excessive odors without thoroughly liquefying the manure.  Agpro’s centirator  line can significantly reduce odors while improving the quality and usability of manure as a fertilizer.

Unique Air Flow Design

The Centirator® III is a specially designed down-draft type aeration unit. Centirator’s® 5 HP, 3-phase motor mechanical­ly mixes and aerates the manure in waste lagoons or treatment tanks. The clearance between the top of the impeller vanes and the bottom of the impeller shaft tube allows the rotating impeller to draw air down the hollow tube from above the surface. Proper mixing of the liquid and air is controlled via the units Eddy Guide Ring.

Reduce Viscosity Of Waste

Fertilizer is easier and less costly to pump onto your fields when it is thoroughly mixed and liquefied. The Centirator® III reduces viscosity, keeping more solids in suspension so they can be pumped out of the tanks with ease.

Nutrient Rich Fertilizer

The Centirator® III thoroughly incorporates manure into liq­uid fertilizer, raising the pH into the alkaline range and reduc­ing the viscosity so the tank can be emptied and the fertilizer pumped onto your fields without leaving nutrient rich residue behind.

Unique Impellor Design

The Centirator® III’s unique impeller design thoroughly mixes manure, reducing viscosity.  The fertilizer can be easily and efficiently pumped into tanks for spreading.

Eddy Guide Ring

This unique design draws air into the biomass, promoting aerobic decomposition of waste.  Aerobic decomposition is essential to reduce odor,  both in storage and when the fertilizer is spread.

Improve Your Lagoon Water

Waste water quality is improved enhancing separator, flush cleaning and irrigation system performance.   The chart to the right shows pond waterimprovement over a 3-month period by adding Agpro aerators.