Agpro, Inc. B Series Agitators

Specifications for Agpro, Inc. B Series Agitator

Belt Driven Vertical Hydraulic Agitator 9 Feet Long Consists of:

  • CASING – High Grade Steel
  • IMPELLER – Balanced
  • BEARINGS – Oil Bath Lubricated Ball Type
  • MECHANICAL SEAL – Mechanical with Silicon Carbide Faces
  • AUTOMATIC OIL LEVEL MONITOR – Steel Reservoir with 110 Volt Switch and Relay
  • SIDE MOUNT BELT DRIVE – Includes Adjustable Motor Mount, Safety Guard, Belts and Sheaves
  • MOUNTING BASE – wall mount
  • DRIVE – 30 kW (40 hp), 1465 RPM, 380/3/50, Foot Mount Electric Motor, Includes Rain Cover Over Fan
The Agpro® B Series provides the ultimate in heavy duty agitation equipment.
We have control panels for all equipment, custom built for your needs.  For more information all 1-800-527-1030 or email

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Agpro, Inc. APA Series Chopper / Agitator Pumps

The APA Series pumps are low pressure units (less than 30 psi) designed to deliver liquid manure slurry from a collection pit to a staging pit, separator, above ground storage tank, waste pond, or tank mounted distribution wagon.  The APA Series provides both agitation and pumping for larger collection pits and possess aggressive chopping characteristics to handle all materials normally contained in manure waste.

APA Pumps feature Agpro, Inc.’s reliable oil bath drive line.  This drive line utilizes large ball and roller bearings running in a complete oil bath retained by our simple, reliable seal.  Each unit is equipped with a low oil sensing switch to prevent operation without lubricant for maximum bearing life.  APA Pumps are designed for high duty cycle, continuous use on commercial dairy operations.  Overall low maintenance is a hallmark of these units.  When reparis are required, the simple design and use of common parts allows quick, easy service for minimum down time.  The APA Pumps feature Agpro’s exclusive replaceable stainless steel housing liner to significantly increase the life of the pump housing even in the harshest conditions.

APA units provide vigorous, continuous mechanical agitation to stir tanks up to 100,000 liters.  This effective direct agitation quickly brings settled manure particles into suspension for complete tank pump out without gear boxes, additional wear points, or additional equipment.

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