If you need powerful flush valves, this is your source!

Two Great Durability Choices

  • 100% stainless-steel constructionWhen we say stainless steel we mean it! Every piece of hardware — including each weld — is made with stainless steel. You won’t find a tougher flush valve.
  • Hot-dip galvanizedOr choose a hot-dip galvanized finish. We galvanize each valve after fabrication for a complete and seamless protective bond.  It far out-perfoms valves which use pre-galvanized sheets that leave unprotected welds and seams.
pop-upvalvesPop-up Valves:Flow rates as high as 9,000 gallons per minute. Air-operated units normally open only 20 to 60 seconds. Designed for reservoir or pump flush systems. Available in

Pneumatic: Our most popular model for new installations combines efficiency and power for super-clean results. Specially engineered to achieve flow rates up to 6000 gpm that get the job done fast. Mounts flush with floor to best accommodate traffic. Pnuematic operation and superior bolt-on design eliminate leakage and stress damage at the valve. Full flow; single inlet; 200 lbs.

Manual: A low-frills classic. manually operated by one person pulling a single lever. Mounts in a stationary, above-ground position. Superior bolt-on design. Single inlet. Weights in at 150 lbs.

Multi-directional models: Dairymen love this model. It rotates a full 360° for cleaning in every direction. A good choice whether you want to flush more than one lane or need extra flexibility in mounting. Flow rates of up to 5500 gpm. Pop-up design mounts flush with floor to accommodate traffic. Lid rotates manually. Pneumatic flush operation and superior bolt-on design. Single inlet; 220 lbs.

Pump Flush: Pump-supplied model (also called erosion flush) for installations that don’t use towers. Works best on low-slope installations. Pneumatic operation eliminates leakage. Single inlet. Louvered or hinged-lid discharge. Available in bolt-on or slip-type connection. All stainless steel; 130 lbs. Effective with sand bedding: If you use sand bedding, you’ll want this valve. It’s a special version of our popular pop-up model with one of the highest flow rates in the industry 8000 gpm really gets that sand moving. Ultra-sturdy 360 lbs. Total cleaning with a uniform sheet of water.

Several sizes, styles and configurations to meet your exact needs.

Flush Valves are the heart and soul of any flush system. WaveFlushTM flush valves are specifically designed to do one job, flush manure as part of a well designed livestock flush system. These are not irrigation valves, they are flush valves. Check out the site, then call to order your valves direct and save.These flush cleaning valves put water to work for you. Designed by Agpro® engineers to effectively release turbulent waters that sweep away manure, bedding and other dairy wastes in just seconds. The resulting slurry can be recycled, stored in ponds, and pumped or hauled for distribution on crop land.These flush valves open almost instantly by the use of a simple lever or an air actuator and close just as fast. This rapid action helps eliminate wasted water and time during opening and closing cycles. The patented design of these flush valves also eliminates “water-hammer” problems. The large size and internal design of these WaveFlushTM valves provides full unimpeded flow with little loss due to friction. Best of all, with the pop-up or grated lids nothing impeeds traffic access.

WaveFlushTM flush valves are used in all climates and are adaptable to all environments. They have been used on all types of livestock housing facilities including dairies, beef lots, research, and swine operations. These are the heaviest, best valves available; just compare the weight of our valves to any others and see the difference. Our valves are designed to last many years under demanding continuous use.To get more information on our products or company please contact us at 1-800-527-1030 or email us at info@AgproUSA.com The WaveFlushTM system is used exclusively by Agpro®, the leader in flushing for over 52 years.

Question: What slopes can I flush?
Answer: Slopes from 1.5 to 4% are considered ideal, however slopes from 0.5% to 10% are being successfully flushed. Request technical assistance from our staff for special applications. In general, the greater the slope the less water used at each flushing.

Question: How long of a lane can be flushed at once?
Answer: Lengths up to 2,400’. Lanes of 1,000’ or less are preferred. Longer lanes require additional flush volumes and larger collection areas. (For lanes greater than 700’ in length a minimum 1.5% slope is recommended.) When flushing over 1,000’ you may want to consider a second flush valve part way down to improve efficiency.

Question: Is it too cold to flush in “Minnesota”?
Answer: No, cold alone does not preclude flushing. The same freezing problems that affect flush systems similarly limit other waste cleanup systems. We have successful flush systems operating in Alaska, Canada, Maine, Minnesota, New York and other cold areas. Inquire about special design features to enhance cold weather operations.

Question: I’ve heard flush systems cost more than cable scrapers, is this true?
Answer: No. When all cost are considered flush systems are usually the least costly method to provide total cleanup for the dairy. Even when compared to tractor scraping, flushing will be less expensive within two to three years of start-up.

Question: Will a Flush System use more water than a scrape system?
Answer: Yes, in most instances additional water is required. In many instances 75% of the required water is already being generated in the parlor. Recycling and other measures can minimize additional water requirements as well. If field application of wastes must be by a tanker wagon over long distances flushing may not be appropriate.

Question: Do I need a separate air compressor for the Flush Valves?
Answer: Typically no. If you have air operated parlor equipment the flush valves can use this air system and should be less than 10% of the total usage. It is recommended air be taken off prior to any in line oilers.

Question: Can a single set of valves be used to clean both my parlor and holding pen?
Answer: Yes. There are numerous layouts that work well including sloping the floors all one way or rotatable valves with a double slope arrangement. Agpro can provide specific help with your layout.

Question: Will flushing work with sand bedding?
Answer: Yes, in fact it is one of the best systems when dealing with sand laden manure. The SF16x24 “Sand Handler” valves are specifically designed for sand situations. Lanes should be 2% or steeper and less than 750’ long. Ask for help with special layout features to aide in moving sand.

Agpro offers over 20 different flush valve models. The following are our most popular. Let our design staff review your system and recommend the proper valves for your specific layout. Call or e-mail info@agprousa.com

SF12X20 MKII (835-00-067)

SF12X20 MKII Pop-Up Flush Valve – for Gravity systems with up to 32’ system head, for lanes up to 14’ wide and 800’ long. Ideal in parlors, holding pens, freestall barns, feed lanes and transfer lanes.  Installation Instructions…

SF12X20F (835-00-071)

SF16X24F (835-00-043)

SF16X24 (835-00-081)

SF16X24 Pop-up Flush Valve – for Gravity systems with up to 40’ of system head in locations where splash is not a concern, 30’ otherwise, for lanes up to 16’ wide and 1,600’ long. Ideal for long or wide lanes in housing, feeding and transfer situations. Best valve in sand removal applications.

SF12X18R (835-00-44)

SF12X18R – Unique rotatable lid makes this valve ideal for areas where occasional flushing is desired in more than one direction or compound slope areas where adjustment of flow direction may be required. System heads up to 32’. Lanes up to 14’ wide and 700’ long.

SF12X22M (835-00-072)

SF12X22M – for gravity or pump systems with up to 28’ of system head. Manual operation without air makes this valve ideal for infrequent use areas long distances from an air source. Suited for lanes up to 14’ wide and 700’ long. Best for lanes with limited vehicle access due to surface mount requirements. Low profile and removable handle permits normal vehicle traffic over valve positioned at or near center of lane.

PF12X18R Louvered (835-00-087)

PF12X18R-L – for pump flush systems with up to 12’ of system head. Louvered drive over lid allows unobstructed access. Ideal for pump flush applications with lanes up to 16’ wide and 1,600’ long.