Agpro, Inc. Soaker System

Agpro, Inc. Soaker System – General Information

For proper operation, the Soaker System depends on careful installation of the major components with close attention to the

placement of the soaker nozzle assembly. For proper soaking, the PVC soaker supply line should follow parallel to the top of headlock elevation the entire length of the lane.

These recommendations and accompanying drawings are advisory in nature intended to show typical soaker system placement and pipe routing.

There are many types of pipe, pipe materials, and fittings that can be used for systems of this type. The standard saddle

connection on the supply line allows connection to most type of pipe available in the U.S.

The soaker supply line will be installed in accordance with instructions and specifications from the supplier of the actual pipe and pipe fittings selected. Be careful to utilize appropriate cleaning and bonding agents for pipe and connections per pipe and fitting supplier specifications.

It is the responsibility of the owner and project plumbing subcontractor to install the pipe system and fittings for the soaker line in accordance with the pipe manufacturer’s instructions with provisions for local weather conditions. Failure to do so may limit or negate warranties.

All piping must be carefully set on a uniform grade with good connections at each valve, saddle, elbow and tees.

Do not subject system to greater than 60 psi pressure during operation.

Agpro, Inc. Soaker System Installation Instructrions

No. 16 – 2″ X 2″ X 1/4″ Angle (extend to intermediate post to create chaseway)

No. 17 – Junction Box

No. 18 – Conduit to solenoid on opposite side of truck lane

No. 19 – FS Controller

No. 20 – Transformer

No. 21 – Spray Nozzle

No. 22 – Conduit to solenoid

No. 23 – Waterproof electrical outlet

No. 24 – Manual shutoff

No. 25 – 2″ Soaker line

No. 26 – NOTE: This is a typical installation detail.  Not all Soaker System installations will be the same.  Verify with Agpro, Inc. representative for proper Soaker System install.

No. 27 – 2″ Water supply pipe

No. 28 – Shutoff valve

No. 29 – Solenoid

No. 30 – 2″ Soaker supply pipe

No. 31 – Intermediate post

No. 32 – Feed lane

No. 33 – Truck lane

No. 34 – Nozzle

No. 35 – Drip preventer

No. 36 – Addapter

No. 37 – PVC saddle

No. 38 – 2″ Soaker supply line

No. 01 – Transformer

No. 02 – FS Controller

No. 03 – Cord to nearby electrical outlet

No. 04 – 2 Conductor 20 GA. (2 places)

No. 05 – Manual shutoff

No. 06 – Solenoid

No. 07 – Soaker system pipe

No. 08 – Shutoff valve

No. 09 – Soaker system water supply

No. 10 – NOTE: This is a typical installation detail.  Not all Soaker System installations will be the same.  Verify with Agpro, Inc. representative for proper Soaker System install.

No. 11 – Soaker System water supply

No. 12 – Shutoff valve

No. 13 – Soaker System pipe

No. 14 – Solenoid

No. 15 – 2 conductor  16 GA. typical

Soaker supports are to be welded to  building columns and intermediate posts, placing the soaker line 6’-8” above feed lane elevation (refer to drawings).  Cold galvanize paint all welds to prevent rust.

Once supports are complete, assemble soaker line troughs with hardware provided.

Install supply piping with tees, elbows and ball valve in appropriate position to accept the soaker line. A ball valve will be placed before the solenoid valve and at the end of the soaker line to allow draining. Refer to drawings included regarding the typical ball valve and solenoid locations.

Layout the 2” PVC soaker system water supply pipe (supplied by others) to the headlocks and assemble pipe for the necessary length of soaker line.

An outlet hole of 1” is drilled every 6’ for the soaker nozzle assemblies. To allow ease of drilling, pipe should be placed on a flat level surface and clamped to prevent moving. A chalk line can be placed on the pipe to allow a straight line of nozzle holes.


After holes are drilled, prepare pipe for installation of saddles. Cleaner and bonding agent should be applied per pipe manufacturer’s specifications. To ensure saddle is tight against the supply line, hose clamps or zip ties can be used to secure the connection.

Once saddle is set after bonding agent dry time is complete, soaker pipe is ready for installation of soaker nozzle assembly.

Soaker nozzle assembly consist of a flood nozzle, drip preventer and adapter. All threaded connections should be assembled with Teflon tape. Drip preventer should be placed with the arrow facing the direction of flow. When assembly is complete, attachment is made by slipping the assembly onto the saddle. Verify nozzle opening is facing the appropriate direction.

After nozzle assemblies are installed, place the soaker supply line on the support troughs above the headlocks and fastened with zip ties provided. Nozzle assemblies are to sit up and away from the headlocks at a 45 degree angle to allow soaking the back of the animal (see drawings included).