Advanced Cow Cooling

Components &
Fully Integrated Solutions

  • Feedline soaking
  • Holding pen soaker
  • Stainless Steel water troughs
  • Integrated control systems
  • A full line of complementary components


  • Increase milk production/profits
  • Higher reproduction rates
  • Improve cow comfort
  • Extend animal life
  • Decrease cost
  • Operate economically
  • Address your dairy’s specific needs

Inncrease production – save water!

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Cool the cows, protect the feed.

Cutting Edge Cooling Systems

  • Save up to 50% utility costs and water consumption by efficiently cooling your livestock with the most cutting edge, industrial-grade equipment and software in the industry
  • Optimize milk production by minimizing heat stress in extreme desert climates
  • Balance temperature and humidity for optimum cow comfort
  • Monitor and control all cooling sub systems online from anywhere in the world with Agpro’s Thermal Optimization Systems, TOS Pro App
  • Have qualified experts monitor and advise in real time through Agpro’s TOS Expert Monitoring Program