Increase Production — Save Water

Soak the cows, save water, and reap the rewards of increased production on your farm. Soaking only when the cow is present and conditions are warranted lets you know that every drop of water yields a return on investment, all without wasting resources or overwhelming other systems. Smart Soaker makes soaking not only possible, but the profitable option for your farm.

Soaking is Now Possible for Your Farm

Temperature/Humidity Indexes

Agpro’s Smart Soaker saves up to 70% of the water demanded by conventional soaking systems, making soaking achievable even when water is at a premium. By only soaking when weather conditions warrant and a cow is present, your waste system usage benefits from the same water reduction. Smart Soaker offers relief for overheated cows even in mild climates where complete cooling systems may not be economical.

Feed is the most expensive part of your operation and keeping it dry is a top concern. Agpro has researched and tested the design and placement of the nozzles to optimize the spray pattern, angle, and droplet size. These HEAVY droplets are large enough to:

    • avoid a blowing mist with any ventilation configuration
    • penetrate the cow’s hair to soak her skin for maximum cooling effect

    Detects the Cow — Soaks the Cow

    • Give your hard-working dairy cows the opportunity to stand in a cooling shower at the feedbunk to relieve their heat stress.
    • Encourage your cows to eat and be cooled. They will reward you with more milk for a very healthy return on your investment.
    • The payback is fast, predictable, and a win-win for the cows and owners.
    Smart Soaker is the most advanced feedbunk soaker available!
    Smart Soaker is effective in any barn style.

    Designed & Built for Demanding Service

    Rugged: With over 50 years of experience in the dairy industry, Agpro knows the challenges of the dairy environment. Rugged and reliable equipment is needed for trouble-free operation. Agpro’s Smart Soaker is designed to hold up to everything from extreme climates to curious heifers.

    Green: Water conservation is always a welcome benefit. Improve the health, reproduction, and comfort of your herd while conserving natural resources.

    Smart: Only soaks when a sensor detects a cow is present. Smart algorithms are able to distinguish between cows and farm equipment. The local smart sensors monitor the zonal temperature and humidity to be sure that each individual soak is a wise investment for that cow.

    Barn Boss Integration

    With the Agpro BarnBoss, you have real-time access to the status of your barns’ environment. This system’s integration provides relief to your dairy cows — a farmer’s most valuable asset. The settings you customize are tailored specifically for your barns and operation. The Agpro BarnBoss enables you to adjust set points, program block-out times, or analyze the performance of your system, all from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet or computer.