Advanced Cow Cooling

For every barn

Keeping your livestock cool, comfortable, and productive is our goal at Agpro. We strive to design and produce efficient, quality cooling products to help you maintain your herd. With multiple levels of cooling systems, you are sure to find the best solution for your Dairy.

Smart Soaker

Cutting-edge cooling system

For the greatest water savings, install the Smart Soaker, our most advanced soaker that only sprays when a cow is present.

Pairing this soaker with the Beast Industrial Fan and our environment monitoring system will result in up to 70% water savings and will improve production.

Barn Boss App – for state-of-the-art cooling system control

Install the Barn Boss App to you computer or smart device and take complete control of your cooling system for the maximum savings and water conservation. Monitor and edit settings in your barns, from any internet connection.

Legacy Solution

Original cooling system

The Legacy Solution is based on tried and true techniques. It is the up-to-date version of the original soaker, fan and climate-aware timer combination. This simple system is economical and environmentally friendly. Future-ready & scalable, it can easily be upgraded to the Smart Soaker system.

Agpro Cooling Systems

Designed for any barn, anywhere

Agpro’s Cooling Components & Fully Integrated Solutions include
  • Feedline soaking
  • Holding pen soaking
  • High pressure misting
  • Stainless Steel water troughs
  • Integrated control systems
  • A full line of complementary components
  • Increase milk production/profits
  • Higher reproduction rates
  • Improve cow comfort
  • Extend animal life
  • Decrease cost
  • Operate economically
  • Address your dairy’s specific needs

Cool the cows, protect the feed!

  • Save up to 70% utility costs and water consumption by efficiently cooling your livestock with the most cutting edge, industrial-grade equipment and software in the industry
  • Optimize milk production by minimizing heat stress in extreme desert climates
    Balance temperature and humidity for optimum cow comfort
  • Monitor and control your cooling systems online from anywhere in the world
  • Have qualified experts monitor and advise in real time through Agpro’s Monitoring Program

Agpro has the most advanced cow cooling options from innovative fans to optimized cow soaking. Agpro’s systems are designed to keep water on the cows and off the feed.

Agpro’s Advantage

Smart temperature and humidity sensors optimize soak and dry times to minimize water wastage. Controllers and sensors designed and made in house, and specific to the dairy industry. Advanced algorithms can be customized for maximum cow comfort or minimal water consumption and impact on waste system.

Agpro’s Expertise

  • Cow comfort
  • Pipe layout
  • Nozzle selection
  • Incorporating airflow into the soaking system design
  • Protecting the feed
  • Waste system and storage integration

Whether your barns are natural vent, cross vent, or tunnel, Agpro has validated solutions to keep the water on the cows where it belongs. Conserving water and keeping mist off of expensive feed are crucial to a successful soaking system.