B Series Agitators

10 hp B-Series Agitator1 or 3800 lbs.851-00-260
15 hp B-Series Agitator3900 lbs851-00-262

Belt Driven Vertical Hydraulic Agitator 9 Feet Long Consists of:

CASING – High Grade Steel

IMPELLER – Balanced

BEARINGS – Oil Bath Lubricated Ball Type

MECHANICAL SEAL – Mechanical with Silicon Carbide Faces

AUTOMATIC OIL LEVEL MONITOR – Steel Reservoir with 110 Volt Switch and Relay

SIDE MOUNT BELT DRIVE – Includes Adjustable Motor Mount, Safety Guard, Belts and Sheaves

MOUNTING BASE – wall mount

The Agpro® B Series provides the ultimate in heavy duty agitation equipment.
We have control panels for all equipment, custom built for your needs. 

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