Conveyer Separator (Flush)

Agpro’s Extractor line of separators are designed to mate with flush operations and provide separation of waste solids without the use of manure pumps, agitators, collection pits or towers. The unit comes with required motors and controls including an automatic on/off switch.  Motor and gearbox are euro style rated for variable speed use.  Desired power requirements (phase and voltage) must be specified by customer.  An important feature of the extractor is the very low 2-3 hp power requirement.

Please verify voltage for all, especially for foreign orders

ModelCapacityNominal Stack HeightDrive PackageVoltagePhaseShipping WeightFinishPart Number
24L100-20010’ to 12’2 hp220Single Phase2100 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-061
24L100-20010’ to 12’2 hp240Three Phase2100 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-013
24L100-20010’ to 12’2 hp480Three Phase2100 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-115
36150-30010’ to 12’2 hp220Single Phase3300 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-055
36150-30012’ to 14’2 hp240Three Phase3300 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-117
36150-30010’ to 12’2 hp480Three Phase3300 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-119
36L200-40012’ to 14’3 hp220Single Phase3600 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-069
36L200-40012’ to 14’3 hp240Three Phase3600 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-121
36L200-40012’ to 14’3 hp480Three Phase3600 lbs.GalvanizedG: 852-00-123