Deck Jet System

Agpro has developed the DeckJet system to provide instant, thorough cleaning of parlor decks at curbs.

The DeckJet Parlor Deck Wash System Features full automated operation sequenced with exit gates, complete system including programmable controls, replaceable solid aluminum wash heads specially engineered for complete milking area coverage.

Each system is for one double sided parlor and includes one reservoir/pump/control module with water reservoir dual pumps, starters and controls, heavy duty mount frame, inlet float valve, air switches.

ModelParlor SizePump SizePart Number
DeckJet 50Up to Double 122-3 hp824-00-001
DeckJet 100Dbl 14 through Dbl 242-5 hp824-00-002
DeckJet200Dbl 26 through Dbl 402-7.5 hp824-00-003
DeckJet 250Pbl 40 through Dbl 6010 hp824-00-004