Ditch Covers (Air Operated)

Ditch Covers are flush mounted with adjoining concrete surfaces when in the down position. This will permit normal animal and/or vehicle traffic without obstruction. Immediately prior to flush cleaning, the ditch cover is actuated to raise approximately 6″ and accept the flush. Pneumatic control is not included.  Select desired Controller (Mechanical or Solenoid operated) from Pneumatic Controller Section.   Frame is of heavy duty steel construction. Cover is of raised diamond floor plate. Hot dip galvanized frame with primed lid. Width 2′ nominal. Length 10′ through 14′ nominal in 2′ intervals. “VR” denotes vertical rise for flush acceptance from two directions. “H” denotes hinged for flush acceptance from a single direction.   

DC - 10 A - VR2' X 10'560 lbs.834-00-001
DC - 12 A - VR2' X 12'670 lbs.834-00-002
DC - 14 A - VR2' X 14'780 lbs.834-00-003
DC – 10 A - H2' X 10'560 lbs.834-00-010
DC – 12 A - H2' X 12'670 lbs.834-00-011
DC – 14 A - H2' x 14'780 lbs.834-00-012