Ditch Covers (Fixed Position)

Fixed Position Ditch Covers are a scupper type non-movable cover normally positioned against a wall where animal or vehicle traffic is not required.   Frame is 2″ X 3″ X 1/4″ angle and 2″ X 2″ X 11 ga. tubing.  Cover is of 1/4″ raised diamond floor plate.  Frame is hot dip galvanized finish.  Cover is finished with high grade automotive type gray primer.   Width 2′ nominal.  Length 10′ through 14′ nominal in 2′ intervals.

DC – 10 F2' X 10'400 lbs.834-00-007
DC – 12 F2' X 12'470 lbs.834-00-008
DC – 14 F2' X 14'540 lbs.834-00-009