Mark IV Separators

Agpro’s Mark IV line of static screen separator units are designed to separate properly diluted and agitated liquid waste slurries delivered by pump.  Split screen design affords both flexibility in selection of weir spacing and enhanced cleaning ability.  Stainless steel construction includes body, rear entry chamber and screens.  All units are provided with hot dip galvanized support structure, access stairways and under screen spray nozzles to facilitate clean up. Individual applications and desired results will dictate screen spacing combinations.

Coarse Screens – fewer solids removed

ModelCapacity (GPM)Flanged InletFlanged OutletShipping WeightScreen SpacingPart Number
7250200-5006”12”1300 lbs..040” and larger852-00-085
72135300-7506”12”1700 lbs..040” and larger852-00-083
90135700-10006”12”2100 lbs..040” and larger852-00-081

Fine Screens – High performance

ModelCapacity (GPM)Flanged InletFlanged OutletShipping WeightScreen SpacingPart Number
7250150-3006”12”1300 lbs..035” and smaller852-00-110
72135200-5006”12”1700 lbs..035” and smaller852-00-111
90135500-8006”12”2100 lbs..035” and smaller852-00-112


ModelNominal Total Screen Size
72506.0’ wide X 7.5’ long
721356.0’ wide X 11.2’ long
901357.5’ wide X 11.2’ long