Prefabricated Four Post Mounting Tower (For Static Screen Separators)

Mounting towers are prefabricated hot dip galvanized steel structures in a pre-cut, weld/bolt together kit.  Tower includes supporting posts, beams, angle platform supports, guard rails, and access ladder.  Not included in the kit are 2″ x 12″ flooring for the deck, 3/8″ X 3″ carriage bolts with nuts for installation of platform flooring, or concrete structure to mount tower upon.  Towers are designed to normally provide 12′ of clearance below the deck.  This clearance can be varied by vertical adjustment of the support posts in the mounting procedure.  No protective cover is provided for the deck.  In areas of inclement weather such as high winds, excessive cold or heavy rainfall, a protective building should be erected around the platform and solids storage area.  For areas requiring a protective cover for the separator deck the heavy duty four post support tower should be utilized. 

SFPT-HD7.5 ft.SINGLE FOUR POST2600 lbs.852-00-067
DFPT-HD15 ft.DOUBLE FOUR POST3200 lbs.852-00-068