Roller Press

Dual roller combination with adjustable tension springs to control dryness.  Includes fully assembled steel frame, oversize lower roller, solid upper roller.  Desired power requirement (phase and voltage) must be specified by customer. 

Separator leg extension kit with reclaimed waste drop chute to mate Static Screen Separator to Roller Press.

RP-4900 lbs.2 HPSingle Phase853-00-056
RP-4900 lbs.2 HPThree Phase853-00-078
RP-4II900 lbs.2 HPSingle Phase853-00-081
RP-4II900 lbs.2 HPThree Phase853-00-080
RP-6II800 lbs.3 HPSingle Phase853-00-085
RP-6II800 lbs.3 HPThree Phase853-00-084
RP-8II1900 lbs.5 HPSingle Phase853-00-082
RP-8II1900 lbs.5 HPThree Phase853-00-083